Novem for November

Well, i will post some quotes that i like and inspiring me lot these days...
CHECK it out....!! :D

There’s never an ending, just new beginnings. The past makes you who you are but won’t predict who you’ll be. You choose who you’ll become.
- @twiquotations -

The most important thing is to enjoy your life—to be happy—it’s all that matters.
- Audrey Hepburn -

Letting go of someone special to you is hard, but holding on to someone who doesn't feel the same is much harder.
- @twiquotations -

I believe that the only courage anybody ever needs is the courage to follow your own dreams.
- Oprah Winfrey -

Don't go for the guy who sucks up to U. Go for the one who pisses U off on a daily basis & yet U still find yourself crazy in love with him.
- @twiquotations -

Pooh: This is the best part of the day. Christopher Robin: What part is that? Pooh: When "you" and "me" become "we".
- Pooh -

It's not about who you've known the longest, it's about who's never left your side.
- Anonymous -

The more you know about who you are, and what you want, the less you let things upset you.
- Anonymous -

I try to teach my heart not to want things it can’t have.
- Alice Walker -

Rated: STYLISH !

Rated: STYLISH! I inspired by the magz. I opened my pictures folder and there're some pictures of my cheery lovely chums! From some of them, i found out this one has her own style.....

She's stylish! :)

Let's check it out!!

Pw in her new cardigan, T-shirt, legging, necklace and black flat shoes

Pw in her black trousers, T-shirt, belt, glasses, and rainbow-beeds necklace

Ah, yeah, she's lost in stereo! lost in audio! :P
Those pink and blue shoelaces are nice!

ready to attend a wedding party :D

cool or need to slap?? :peace:

Look here, darl! :p

Pw in her red legging, black vest, T-shirt, Slrrrpp necklace
and wondershoe flatshoes

Pw in T-shirt, stripped cardigan, pants, and
red wondershoe flatshoes

Yeahh! Those are her necklaces..! XD

So, what do you think??!

- Fashion fade, Style remains -



Many people walk in and out from my life. Some are just stranger that only pass a whilst and then disappear. Some pass a whilst but left a deep impression. And i will tell about a person that influences me lot. :D
I won't tell clearly the person is a boy or girl but i'll call it 'He'.

I know him for almost 3 years.. First time i saw him, suddenly i felt i have to know this guy. This is unsual feeling, really. I seldom to start a conversation with a stranger, but at that time something push me to did it. So, i did it!
and till now, we're bestpal. :D

You wanna know how is he look alike??
Sorry, won't upload any picture. haha

He's good-looking, smart, fashionable, cool, a good learner in so many things, unique, kind and humble (no?! Ahh, you must know him well more :P).

He may looks arrogant if you don't know him well but the truth, he is quite friendly..

He never looks weak! Really! He always overcome every problem well..somehow he's good at hiding his feelings especially if it a bad or sad things. :P

He is consistent in everything he likes to do...not a lazy guy.

He's good at so many things especially if it about design, gadgets, computer stuffs. He's a computer geek anyway..and he's also up-to-date bout lot of things.

He's a hardworker.. Work hard, play hard, and chat hard.. LOL

He has a great sense of music! :D

For me, he's a good listener and dependable.. Somehow i never talk much bout many things with my chums, yeahh, i'm lil bit introvert. :D but with him, it just like i can't hide a thang from him. Gosh!! kill me!!

Sometimes, he talks a little rude but honest.. He's one from lot of chums that can be like this. Say good when it is good, say it is not when it is not! straight to the point! >> heart it!

He's dare to be different!! Thumbs up! :D

He has a good sense in fashion..

Sometimes he may seemed doesn't care but he cares... He shows his caring in his way.. :)

And hey, most of time when he's in the crowded, he drew other peoples attention! really! He's attractive! haha..

Somehow, must admit it, he's trendsetter and contagious! :">

He's loveable, really... It will be like addicted to heroine, easy fall, hard to let go..
Dont believe? Just ask ... #ehem. haha

He's also has a good sense of humour...

Well, there're still a lot more to mention! Next time i'll continue.... *tired :p*

Why i can write a lot bout him??? Because ....
*speechless a whilst*
Ehem.. because i adore and heart him lot..
Every little thing of him draw me to know him better and better..
What??! Oh, No.. think it positively... It's like PLATONIC! :D
He's just like my brother anyway... *yeah, we're siblings from outter space, hahaha*

You know who i mean???
Sssttt...... Don't tell it to him, please! It will sounds cheesy.
He doesn't like cheesy thangs.
So it just between us. :P

Me? Random!

Yeahh, nowadays i feel random. Don't ask me why coz i don't know.. and if i know it, i think i won't tell. :P

I had lot of fun and great time these days but still can't erase these feeling. They appears sometimes.. and when they appear, i just sunk myself to music!!! Yeahh, i love music!!

Well, in this post i'll let out one of the stuffs that still make me unsteady somehow. My besties told me to write it out then i'll free!! So..
Let's start!

It was YOU! You curious about my feeling after we broke up, didn't u?

I didn't tell that time coz I'm an introvert and COOL! but somehow, that time, hatred grew in me. Everything you did and said seem so fake! -Sorry but it felt like that time :"> -

Time pass by, i choose to not let the hatred control me. You've forgiven when i wrote this post. And i tell you what i felt when we just broke up so you won't be curious anymore.

You were the one chasing me, then you make me fell for you, trapped me in doubt, and then you chose walked away!! It sounds so flirty. First, i won't let you go easily, boy. You chose me then i would try my best to keep what you've started. Time flies, it's just the same..even it became worse. You made a line between us. And honestly, i never feel i was ur girlfriend that time, we're just like friend. Nothing special.. I'm dumb. Oh, yes! dumb! but thanks for my friends and my besties that support me all the time when i feel down.

The last month before we broke up, i've overcame my feeling toward you.. It was useless keep stay with the one who didn't heary you as much as he ever told! It was a LIE! You didn't wanna end our relationship but you didn't want to involve deep in it, either. Well, you chose that! So after found the exact time, i asked to break up!

You must be think it was hard for me, felt guilty, but heyy.... i still laugh at that time we're broke up. I chat wif my chum and laugh a lot. Feel so free and happy that night. I was fine! No tears at all! Like i said, I'm COOL!! :D

AND harm no foul, fella! No hatred, no special feeling left! :D You are still my chum, yeahh you are. but that's all..

Some advice for you, if you dont sure about your feeling, dont do anything until you really sure about it! Don't involve too much with other people problems since you are 'not a boy but not a man yet!' , you even can't solve problem well when it came to you.. but THANKS lot, you've teached me lot about boys, really... :) So, hope you will more mature and find your happiness!!

Ps. I'm sorry for being selfish with this post but hell with it, I'm FREE now!! Heyheyyy!! :D


Check..! Ehemm... Last days, i was suffering because all my playlist in winamp make me feel boring. Then, my lovely chum come and save me!!!! She gives me lot of great songs!! Like it, love it, fond of it, heart it!! haha..

Well, when i was in high school, i like to hear R&B, hip hop, POP, slow rock.. but when i knew PW, she introduces me to another kind of music, PUNK! and i heart it lot!!!!
Bowling For Soup, Paramore, All American Reject, CIWWAF, Boys Like Girls, and lot more.... Thanks to you, PoRi!! :D

These some of the latest songs that she gives me.
Heart it all, chum!

All American Reject - When The World Comes Down

All Time Low - Put Up Or Shut Up

All Time Low - Nothing Personal

Boys Like Girls - Love Drunk

CIWWAF - The Same Old Blood Rush With A New Touch

Mest - Destination Unknown

The Academy Is - Almost Here

The Used - Artwork

Doomsday 2012??

Tanggal 21/12/12 menarik perhatian dunia setelah di tahun 2006 History Channel menayangkan film dokumenter ramalan suku Maya tentang tahun 2012. Sedangkan munculnya ramalan Suku Maya tentang tagun 2012 bermula dari kata "The End of Times" yang mengiringi siklus kalender Winaq May Kin bangsa Maya. Menurut kalender yang diciptakan para astronom bangsa Maya berabad-abad lalu itu, sejak peradaban manusia ada, kita udah melewati tiga matahari penuh dan sekarang sedang menyelesaikan matahari yang keempat yang mana satu matahari mencakup 5200 tahun surya. Matahari keempat ini dimulai pada 13 Agustus 3114 BCE (sebelum Masehi) yang dalam kalender Maya dilambangkan dengan (the first day) dan akan berakhir pada (the last day) bertepatan 21 Desember 2012 CE (Masehi).

Kalender Suku Maya

Masih menurut Suku Maya, pada tanggal tersebut juga terjadi titik balik musim dingin tahunan ketika belahan utara bumi berada di titik terjauh dari matahari sehingga durasi siang hari menjadi sangat pendek. Matahari juga akan menutupi pemandangan pusat Bimasakti dari bumi tepat di 21/12/12 di mana fenomena ini hanya terjadi pada 26.000 tahun sekali yang menyebabkan guncangan kecil pada rotasi bumi. Tapi para astronom Maya juga menyimpulkan bahwa pada titik balik musim dingin 2012, adalah era baru dalam sejarah manusia. Mereka percaya bahwa tanggal tersebut adalah tanggal paling sakral, paling menguntungkan sekaligus paling berbahaya yang akan membawa baik bencana maupun pengungkapan.

Menariknya, wacana "The End of Time" ini gak hanya dibuat oleh bangsa Maya aja. Kitab kuno Tiongkok I Ching juga menyatakan kalau tahun 2012 akan jadi penutup siklus kehidupan bumi. Selain itu, para Biksu Tibet yang terkenal dengan Clairvoyance-nya (kemampuan melihat persitiwa yang terjadi di tempat lain) dan Suku Hopi (juga termasuk salah satu suku Indian Amerika) juga meramalkan hal yang sama.

But FYI, berakhirnya sistem penanggalan Maya, arti "The End of Times" mengandung beberapa makna, bukan hanya berarti Doomsday atau kiamat!

Sementara itu, badan antariksa AS, NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) gak mau ketinggalan berkomentar. Menurut NASA, pada tahun 2012 akan terjadi Badai Matahari atau Solar Storm yang disebabkan oleh Corona Mass Ejection sehingga akan terjadi ledakan besar yang mengakibatkan panas matahari yang akan diterima bumi bisa mencapai 30% dari kondisi normal. Udah pasti hal ini berpengaruh banget pada kehidupan di bumi.

Solar Storm

Topik mengenai Doomsday di tahun 2012 ini semakin menghangat dengan tayangnya sebuah film berjudul 2012 yang mengisahkan kiamat. Banyak orang menjadi heboh..

Kalau menurut gw, melihat kondisi kerusakan alam yang sekarang terjadi, kehancuran bumi bukan hal yang mustahil terjadi. Bumi kita udah tua dan sakit-sakitan akibat berbagai ulah manusia yang tidak bertanggung jawab. Jadi dibalik benar tidaknya ramalan tentang Doomsday 2012, kita bisa belajar banyak hal. Kita juga diingatkan kembali agar lebih bertanggung jawab dan baik dalam memperlakukan alam. Tuhan yang memberi kita kehidupan, Tuhan pula yang mengambil..

Yang diperlukan adalah terus hidup dengan selalu mencoba menjadi lebih baik dari apa yang udah ada, lebih memperhatikan alam dan lingkungan sekitar, dan menyerahkan semuanya kepada Yang Kuasa.

PS. Saat ini sedang heboh karena para ilmuwan menemukan bahwa di bulan ternyata ada air yang berarti ada unsur kehidupan di situ. Para ilmuwan terus meneliti apakah ada kemungkinan manusia bisa hidup di situ. Ini menjadi topik yang banyak dibicarakan sekarang ini, sampai-sampai logonya google aja memuat tentang ini. :D

Discovery of Water on the Moon

Somebody In Love Here..!!!

YohAaaaaaa......... Hehe.. Pernahkah kamu jatuh cinta?? Benar-benar jatuh cinta pada seseorang, tergila-gila padanya, senang bertemu dengannya, tersenyum malu-malu, dan menebak-nebak, selalu menebak-nebak, deg-degan menunggunya online. Dan di saat dia muncul, kamu akan tiduran tengkurap, bantal di bawah dagu, lalu berpikir, tersenyum, dan berusaha mencari kalimat-kalimat lucu agar dia, di seberang sana, bisa tertawa...

Well, aku punya temann.. Ahh ahh ahh, teman sepermainann... Okay, stop! :D Jadi waktu hari Sabtu kemarin, pada sesi karaoke ke 2, wow, karaoke 2 kali aku hari itu! :D aku dan temanku yg cukup ramai lagi asyik milih lagu dan bernyanyi. Setelah setengah jam berlalu, aku merasa ada salah satu temanku yang anehh.. Dia senyum2 sendiri.. Teman yang lain juga bilang, kenapa sih si Oripori (bukan nama sebenarnya-red, dia suka makan onigiri-red) suka melamun dan senyum-senyum sendiri hari itu. Dalam sejam, dia bahkan blm nyanyi satu lagu pun!! padahal dia biasanya paling banyak nyanyi loh! haha. Lalu kutarik dia ke toilet. Nah, ngobrollah kami dari hati ke hati. :)

J: Hey kawan, apa yg terjadi denganmu? Kamu sakit? Kog dari tadi ga mau nyanyi? *poke her*

O: AHh, kamu gak mengertii....perasaan inii....begitu menyesakkan #lebay mood mulai ON

J: Nah, then u tell me what happen to you? Are you sick??

O: Sakit? Ke dokter aja belum tentu dokter tahu loh g sakit apa.

J: Wew! Gawat juga kalo gitu, jd masih berapa lama sisa usiamu??

O: Yeee...

J: Nah, km yg duluan meracau. Jd kembali ke topik. Apa ada sesuatu yg terjadi padamu?

O: Oh iya, jelas! Jadi g tertembak panah asmara cupid. hihihihii *smirk*

J: Arghh!! Hahaha.. Sekarang jelas semua kenapa kamu senyam senyum dari tadi. Jadi apa kamu mau cerita, siapa lelaki sial itu ??

O: Enak aja, jangan sebut dia begitu! Well...umm.. Sebenarnya g uda kenal dia lama juga.. dulu dia kakak kelas kita waktu SMA. Cuma dulu tuh kami ga dekat2 bener. Dekatnya juga palingan di sms, FS, ma chatting mirc aja. He is so cool, handsome, smart, and sporty!

J: Ahaa! Give me a name! Umm, kog gitu? cm di sms, Fs, chat aja??

O: Too bad, cant give you a name, sorry! Karena waktu itu dia punya pacar, si instruktur aerobik yg seksoy itu lohh....!!

J: I get it! I knew him. hahaha.. YEahh, he's supercool! handsome and good at sport too!! Lalu, karena dia uda punya si seksoy itu jd hubungan kalian cm gitu2 aj?

O: Yeahh, word!

J: Lalu skr?

O: Setelah ga ketemu bbrp tahun, dia kan sempat kul di luar, kami bertemu lagi minggu lalu, and suddenly, i was smitten! :D

(kawanku ini makin cerita, mukanya makin blushing! wkwkwkwk )

J: Hahahaa...glad to hear that! :)

O: Yeahh, setelah lama ga ketemu dan kami ketemuan, dia banyak berubahh.. Dia jadi lebih banyak cerita, nyambung banget kami and of course, dia terlihat tambah guantengg! hahaha... tau ga apa yg g suka dari dia? wajahnya, suaranya, caranya bercerita, cerita2 dia, jokes dia yg lucu abiss, and he knows how to make me feel special! :) I like whole things about him except he was smoking quite lot! :) I like to look at him! I can sit for hours just staring at him, i swear!
Tapiii....lagi-lagi, g ga bisa berbuat banyak..

J: Kenapa?? OOww..jangan bilang dia masih ma si seksoy itu atoooo..dia udah menikah????!!

O: Iya..dia bahkan sudah punya 1 anak!!!!

J: Astagaaa...!! km demen ma oom skr! :P

O: Anaknya mirip g ma dia!! *tawa ngakak dia*

J: LOL *poke her* sialll!!

O: Karena dia akan balik ke luar lagi buat graduation dan cari kerja di situ. Lagian dia di situ uda punya pacar.

J: Oow... masih sama si seksoy itu??

O: Bukan, mereka da putus lama juga. Dengan yang lain tentu saja..
Jadii... memang sepertinya no hope buat melangkah lebih jauh..tapi aku pengen ngabisin sisa waktu selama dia liburan di sini bareng-bareng.. I want we create lot of memories together.. Jadii saat kami memang harus berpisah, at least kami punya kenangan indah bersama.. Memang ga bener jg sih, mengingat dia da punya pacar.. tp ini kesempatan g, i just find my happiness! Everyone has right to be happy, right??
So bisa jadi ini kesempatan terakhir g, kalo kami memang jodoh, bisa jd kami akan bersama. Bila tidak, apa boleh buat.. We will friend forever! :)

J : Hahaha... I'm speechless!! *touch her head slightly*

O: Haha.. Jadi begitulahh, maafkan g jika g ngeblank akhir2 ini...kepala g lagi penuh dengan dia! :P Wish me luck yahh!!

J: Sure will do!

Dan kami pun kembali ke ruang karaoke!!! ROckk!!!

PS. I write this post for my dear little friend! Don't lose ur hope! Love is everywhere! :wink:

And when i wrote this post, 4 November 2009, i just home from singing with two of my friends, again! Yes, again! and this time, we sang for 3 hours!!! Hahaha...
So fun! :D


Yayayayy!! These two days felt so great!
Having fun with besties and a new friend! :D

30 Oktober 2009
31 Oktober 2009

I wont forget these two days.. :P


and since last night sometimes i just smirk all day long.
Shit! *slap myself*
It's okay being happy, right?!

AND..another thing that make me excited,
the flight attendant will go here soon!
I missed him a lot, my homie! :D