Single. available. but empty..

Lonesome. looking someone..

They meet. Bound by what we called LOVE.

and hope for together until the 'death'.

They were created and fated to be together.

When they separated, they could live but they lose the intention of life..

yet they keep dreaming that one day they will meet the one who really can accept and love them the way they are..

The feeling that they won't complete without each other.

When the day come, they meet by chance... and choose to let the chemistry grow..

L.O.V.E grows by the affection, understanding, acceptance and patience.. watered by embrace and care.. turns into PLATONIC.

- J.a.e -


Well... Havent feed my blog for quite long.. :D

I will tell about bunch of my chums...
All of us are friends, sometimes hanging out and spend time together..
And once upon of time, we called ourselves, "Ketel" (Keluarga Telenovela) . :))
but now 3 of them has gone to Beijing for studying.

I wont blab much, here are some of our pictures...

@ The Roof Cafe

Ferry's birthday :D

@ Pizz Hut

@ Parking lot

@ Parking lot

The sweet memories that will always lay on my mind.