A word that has a deep meaning.


Aha! I wont discuss about the definition of it. It's too complicated. Every people has different love experience, different point of view about it, and it's subjective somehow.. :)

I just wanna say something about it. Well, i just saw a proof of the saying, "Love is Magic". I never really believe about it. But when you saw it with your own eyes, you will believe it!!
That's what i felt this lately.. Lot of love stories from my chums and those stories inspired me a lot.

* People change when they are in love.. change in to good or bad, it depends.

* It's need a courage to face love. This may sounds silly but it's true.. It's need courage to chase the love, keep it, fight for it.

* It's not easy to find pure love

* It's somehow difficult to admit that you're in love

* It's funny how your attention easily distracted by the person you like

* It's magic how you just met him/her and another minutes after that, heyy..you are missing him/her..

* Every time you hear his/her name, you'll be smirk :P

* Even in everywhere you see him/her, you can't get your eyes off of him/her.

* You feel wanna spend all your time with him/her without distraction.

* The things that you felt impossible, could be possible with love.

* Suddenly you like sweet words, sweet things that you never like before :p

* Suddenly you look more beautiful and handsome because you're in love.. It's true, people shine when they're in love. :))

* Time seems tick so fast when you were with him/her, you will feel it's never enough, never..

* Every time you wake up, 3 things in your mind is him/her, him/her and him/her.

Okay, i'll add more if i find the others. :D

Or you guys may add it in your comment for this post. Thankiezz..! :D