Me from the Ixus :D

So, about last week, i bought a camera pocket..
and now i have a new hobby, capturing things and people..
Well, just for fun. :D

Here are some of my pictraits, taken by my chum, Phiphi, with Canon Ixus 95!!
I love the Ixus so muchhhhhhhhh....!! :D

Do i look good?? hahahhahahaha....

Phiphi always know how to capture a pictrait well, trust me!


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sugahpuff mengatakan...


you should post MORE of your pics, missy ! :))

JeanOt mengatakan...

I dont have much my own pics. :"> :))

arief maulana mengatakan...

Yes, you look good :D *bener ga sih bhs inggrisnya?

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